Monday, June 24, 2013

Beautiful Sprouts

I have not written in a while. Things are very busy as usual. I will update you on my gardening soon. We made wonderful cedar garden boxes in the back yard and we are growing, many different kinds of tomatoes, beans, lettuce, carrots, squash, cucumbers!!! It is all so exciting for the children to see how a tiny seed can grow such a wonderful plant that yields food. Our lettuce, swiss chard and spinach however is not growing well, we might need to try again...

We started everything in mini greenhouses and then took the plants outside! So exciting.

Love sprouts! Top any salad with these and you have a wonderful flavour. You can get many different varieties of sprouts. I am so thankful for the Greenbelt Greenhouse just outside of town!

Amazing greens, organic and locally grown.

Mixed Organic Sprouts
Baby Tomatoes

Crunchy, and spicy!

What's too drink? Fresh juice - What else!

Juiced in the morning, placed in a mason jar, carry to work and enjoy!


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  1. Love sharing gardening with our children too! It is so exciting for them. They get more excited about the garden bed than my sprouts sprouting in jars and on the porch in trays...I am just the opposite. Sprouts are fool proof and I always seem to mess up the garden bed.
    Peace and Raw Health,